Weber Genesis II Labor Day Sale 2022, Save on Weber Grills

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In this article, I am going to discuss Weber Genesis labor day sales. Now Save big on Weber Genesis II S-435, Genesis II E-410, Genesis II EX-335, Genesis II SX-335 SS, Genesis II EX-315 latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Weber Genesis Labor Day Sale 2022

Today we are taking a look at the Genesis II line of gas grills that have been introduced for 2019 and beyond. Weber Genesis Grills have consistently been some of the most popular grills in the world. We are proud to be a Weber Alliance Dealer; this allows us to carry their special edition models and the full line of Genesis Grills. The special edition model we have here today is the popular SE-335. Check out Weber Spirit II E-310 Labor Day Sales.

Weber Genesis Labor Day Sale

Why Genesis II is different from other grills?

The Genesis special edition models come standard with a handle-mounted grill light. It is motion-activated, making it simple to use when you need visibility for nighttime grilling. The second major upgrade the Genesis II, special edition models, offers is 9mm thick stainless steel rod cooking grates. This means better heat retention for beautiful grill marks on whatever you choose to grill. Even veggies get some great color on them.

Cooking Aera

These red onions and sweet potatoes came out great! The cooking grids of the SE-335 measure 25 13/16 inches wide by 19 inches deep giving you plenty of room to cook your whole meal at once.

Underneath the cooking grids of the genesis II gas grill, you will find Weber’s stainless steel Flavorizer bars. These form a tent shape over the burners, protect them from debris, and provide a surface for drippings to vaporize off as the grease is directed to the grill’s drip pan.


This design does a good job at keeping flare-ups under control when cooking greasy items like burgers and chicken wings. While still allowing some flame kiss to crisp up what you grill. The flavorizer bars have windows – allowing you to see if your burners are lit clearly.

This is a nice added safety feature, as it can be hard to tell with a lot of grills when your burners are successfully lit. Weber uses continuous spark ignition on the Genesis II line of grills. If manual backup ignition is needed, the window on the flame tamers makes this easy to reach.

Burners Power

Underneath the flavorizer bars of the Weber SE-335, you will find three main burners that produce a total of 39,000 Btus of grilling power. This Genesis II model also has a sear station burner between two main burners, adding 9,000 BTUs of searing power. This is a great option to have for times when you need some extra heat.

Weber Genesis II Labor Day Sale

Maybe you plan to put a quick sear on a steak or brown up the outside of a roast. Weber’s sear station design gives you added temperature range flexibility. Sear on one end while still having plenty of room to cook sides over the main burner zones. Because gas grills tend to cook hotter in the back, Weber uses a tapered burner design, narrowing a bit toward the back of the grill.


This helps Genesis II gas grills produce a more evenly-heated grilling surface. Underneath the burners of the SE-335, there are stainless steel heat deflectors, which help to direct the heat from the burners toward the grill’s surface. These are easily removable for cleaning. The body of Genesis II is made out of cast aluminum to resist corrosion. The hood of the grill has a porcelain enameled steel exterior with cast aluminum end caps.

The hood also has a mounted thermometer, making it easy to track the temperature of your cook. When you need extra cooking space, a warming rack is also easily flipped down for storage. Genesis II gas grills have two side shelves for prep space, and both shelves have hooks for keeping grill tools close at hand.

Temperature Guide

The right shelf of the cart comes compatible with mounting Weber’s Igrill3 accessory. Pop-out this cover plate, and you are ready to install the igrill3 to your grill. This little device allows you to wirelessly monitor up to 4 temperature probes at once from your smartphone. It’s nice not to have to babysit the grill while you cook larger cuts.

Weber Genesis Labor Day Deals

You can select from a list of common food items in the app or set your custom target temp. I’m shooting for medium-rare, so I’ll set my target to 125.

Smart Alert

Your phone will alert you when it’s cooked to perfection. Like the SE-335 we have here today, select Genesis II models come with a concealed side burner on the right shelf of the cart, rated for 12,000 BTUs. It’s nice to have the versatility to pan fry or simmer sides outside.

Under the right side shelf of Genesis II models fueled by propane, there’s a tank hook that doubles as a gauge, giving you a clear view of how much fuel you have available. If you have the IGrill3, you can even monitor your fuel level through the app. The cart of the SE-335 has an enclosed storage area, which also conceals the drip pan area.

Final Through

Weber’s disposable pan liners make cleanup simple. The grease tray beneath the grill can also be slid out when cleaning is needed. It’s worth noting, Genesis II Special Edition grills are only available as three burner models. Along with the SE 335 are the SE330 models, which feature an open cart design and are available in 4 colors. If you are looking for a more basic model, the SE 310 is also available, but note they do not have sear zone and side burner options. Along with the special edition models, we carry the entire Genesis II line of gas grills.

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