Samsung Galaxy Watch Labor Day Sale 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Labor Day Sale 2022

The name Samsung Galaxy Watch has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of the Galaxy brand, which we haven’t seen on a smartwatch since 2013. But such a dramatic renaming usually signals a very different product and different this is not.

The familiarity starts right out the gate, a big circular smartwatch with a mostly metal body, pronounced lugs, changeable wristbands, and two side buttons. The watch is significant but not the biggest I’ve worn, and it’s lighter than you might expect.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Labor Day Sale


The pixels that make up the watch face are arranged in a circular OLED panel with stunning, crisp colors, plenty visible in direct sunlight but not overpowering when it fades to the Always-On Display.

This feature is not enabled by default, by the way, and when we talk about battery life at the end, you’ll understand why. It might seem like an exaggeration to say that the best thing Samsung ever did for smartwatches was this rotating bezel, but I’m saying it. Checkout Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Labor Day Sales.


You’ve got the touchscreen and the side buttons, but the second you start surfing the app list by spinning the ring, the experience of using the watch flips from utilitarian to, well, fun. It’s also a lot faster to use the bezel to do things like set a timer, and scrolling through an email is much easier when your finger isn’t blocking the text.

The bezel also has a very satisfying snapping clicky action which reinforces the solid, sturdy feel of the whole piece of hardware. Speaking of clicks, this is the Galaxy Watch’s most ridiculous feature, and you’re either going to love it or hate it.

Smart Features & Bluetooth Connectivity

Hop into the settings menu on specific watch faces, and you can toggle, yes, a ticking sound. It’s very subtle, and it only ticks when the watch face is active, but it’s still the most over-the-top skeuomorphic little touch I’ve ever seen in wearable, and I love it to death—also an unexpected win, talking on the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Labor Day Deals

Through the Bluetooth connection to my Blackberry, the caller said they could not tell the difference in my voice, whether I was on the phone or the watch. And in a stiff breeze, at least one caller said, the watch did a better job canceling the wind noise than the telephone did.

Smartphone Connection

Other aspects I’m less a fan of, take the notifications, you feel the vibration on your wrist that you’ve got a message, you raise your arm to read it, and you’ve got a wait for this little animation to complete before you get to read the news. I know it doesn’t seem like much in these clips, but it adds up tens of times a day.

It’s just that it’s had a break put on it for what I assume is aesthetic reasons. Samsung also does this on its phones to an extent. I call it slow by design, and I wouldn’t say I like it. Then you’ve got the minor annoyances.

Samsung still refuses to preload the timer and stopwatch, so you’ve got to download them from the app store. It’s just nuts; I mean, this is a watch, load it with watch things.

Fitness Option

There’s no more extended MST support, so you need to settle for the tap-to-pay version if you want to use Samsung Pay. And I’m not sure if this will be true of the retail models, but I thought companies were done shipping electronics with this much plastic wrapping on them.

Seriously, it took me like 10 minutes to find and peel all these suckers off—a word on fitness before we close out with battery life. I’ve seen this so many times; at this point, I find it endearing. And yes, it will detect it if you decide to take it up on the offer.

Out in the world, getting some steps in, it’s great to have everything from step count, to heart rate, to estimated calories burned on one screen. And I do enjoy the little pat on the back the watch gives me when it detects that I’m through with a cross-city trek.

Water Resistance

Samsung Health might not be ideal for someone hardcore about tracking fitness. But for a casual tracker like me, it’s perfect. And features like GPS for jogs and 5 ATM Water Resistant for swims mean that even intermediate exercisers will find something to like here. Alright, let’s come down to it. The larger of the two Galaxy watches packs one of the giant batteries you can find in a smartwatch. And yes, it delivers some of the best battery life you can find.

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