Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Labor Day Sale 2022

In this article, I am going to discuss Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 labor day sales. Now Save big on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch latest deals, sales, and discounts.

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Samsung Watch 3 Labor Day Sale 2022

What I like about it, and as you can see right, it is fragile. We have the galaxy watch 3, which may be the complete package in a smartwatch for Android users, much like the Iowa 6 is for ios users.

It’s still a hefty investment, so are the new features worth it. We’re going over key features seeing who this product would be good for how it compares to the competition and whether it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Samsung Watch 3 Labor Day Sale


The galaxy watch 3 is very lightweight, and it has a very nice elegant design. I love the fact that it comes with a leather band. It feels so good on the wrist, like when you put it on, man, it’s so light that you can wear this thing all day or night without even thinking that you have something barking on your wrist.

It looks like a traditional watch, as you can see right here, much slimmer, much lighter, so when you have this thing on, it feels like you’re wearing a classic elegant watch which is one thing.


Samsung has had several smartwatches in its lineup over the years. It seems they’ve taken the best of the gear s active and original galaxy watch lines and incorporated them into the galaxy watch 3.

Including bringing back the rotating bezel, which makes this possibly the best android smartwatch available, the 41-millimeter base model comes in Samsung’s signature color mystic bronze.

This new color matches their latest note 20 ultra and the new buds live. Now you can be color coordinated, or it also comes in mystic silver, which is still very cool and less gimmicky. The genuine leather straps add nice sophisticated aesthetics to the more traditional-looking watch design.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 labor day deals

Material in-use

This is great for more serious nights out, and of course, you can always swap out the straps with silicone ones. If you have a more active lifestyle, the ammo-led display is extremely bright and easy to read even in broad daylight, including the always-on feature.

If you’re a fan of watch faces, the galaxy watch three comes with 80 000 to choose from; fans of the rotating bezel will be delighted. It’s back; we found using the physical bezel was useful along with both side buttons.

Google Serivces

We miss the seamless integration of Google services, especially for android users. The response time was grand launching, and switching apps was fast and fluid, and of course, the bezel navigation is entirely intuitive. This makes it extremely easy to use for added fun.

Smartphone Connectivity

It even features motion gestures to silence alarms, take photos and answer calls. You clinch and unclinch your fist when it comes to fitness and health features. Samsung went all out besides tracking 40 different activities. It can also follow several of them automatically. You don’t have to remember to select it beforehand.

Galaxy Watch 3 labor day

Fitness Tracking

It has all the standard fitness tracking features but adds an FDA-approved ECG monitor keeping pace with apple’s offerings. The sleep tracking is equally impressive due to Samsung’s partnership with the national sleep institute.

You get better tracking accuracy and insights, especially with its spo2 sensor that detects breathing disturbances while sleeping, and of course, no premium fitness tracker is complete without built-in GPS.

There’s also a new trip detection feature that, hopefully, you won’t need. Still, if it does detect that you’re not moving after a hard fall, it immediately calls your emergency contact and shares your location.

Battery Life

One area that the galaxy watch 3 excels over the apple watch 6 is its battery performance. You’re getting up to two days, depending on the watch variant. Compare this to apple’s 18 hours. That being said, the original galaxy watch boasted over four days of battery life.

Payment Option

Hence, it’s still a little disappointing Samsung pay is included. Still, it only works with NFC-enabled terminals that aren’t as popular yet as traditional contactless payments that work with almost all credit card terminals, so what’s the verdict?

Final Throught

If you don’t need the latest and greatest smartwatch, there are some great alternatives, including Samsung’s active 2. It offers almost the same package for far less but like the rest of Samsung’s premium offerings.

If you’re willing to splurge, we think this is one of the best android smartwatches out there. It has excellent looks the return of the rotating bezel FDA approved ECG monitoring and comprehensive fitness and health tracking.

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