Portable Speaker Labor Day Sale, Save on Bluetooth Speakers

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In this article, I am going to discuss Speaker labor day sales. Now Save big on JBL, OontZ, Anker, Bose, Sony, Sonos or Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Speaker Labor Day Sale

I got a bunch of Bluetooth speakers here, and these are what I perceive to be the top dogs of 2020 in the mid to larger size portable Bluetooth speaker. These are not party speakers. Those are much bigger and do a lot more stuff.

Speaker Labor Day Sale

These are the larger portable Bluetooth speakers, which I think will be the top dogs for the year, man. if we open up this box, man I got some stuff, man. I got so much stuff I got a motion boom, you see, that man, that’s the new one from soundscore.


How wrong can you go with a pretty simple design cool to the touch, possibly metal? The grille on the front, the controls are on the top of the unit. It has a soft-touch rubberized material straightforward interface.

There is an auxiliary and a microphone in LED light to use as a speakerphone and micro USB charge cable. It’s a simple package. It’s a simple product; the question is does it deliver how does it compare.

Waterproof IPX7

These speakers can be used outside even when it’s raining. The Emberton is their most portable Bluetooth speaker with the highest weatherproof rating of them all at ipx7 and their smallest and lightest, weighing only 0.7 kilograms.

bose speaker labor day sale

The Emberton will fit in the palm of your hand as it’s only 16 centimeters in width. It’ll fit into a rucksack or suitcase with no problems at all, and I’d probably say it’s about the same weight as a bottle of water.


This solid metal grille features both on the front and the back as the speaker uses a unique form of multi-directional sound that marshall is calling true stereophonic. Which audio can be heard from 360 degrees.

You’ve got a slightly updated layout. You’ve got the Bluetooth button on the top and the convenient battery life indicator.


What’s new in this brass effect control knob can do various things such as turning the speaker on and off, skipping tracks playing, or pausing and changing the volume. It’s got an excellent quality feel to it as well.

The build quality on the rest of the speakers is a step up from many other portable speakers, albeit at a slightly more premium price point in the other martial portable speakers.


You can’t play pause or skip tracks. However, on the speaker itself, with the Emberton, you don’t get the bass and treble controls that you get on the larger portable and home speaker models from marshall.

bluetooth speaker labor day sale

We can forgive marshall for this as we agree that controlling music quickly, such as resuming or pausing music, is more important than bass or treble customizers, particularly in a portable speaker.

Battery Life

On the side, you’ve got the USB-C input for charging the battery, which is the most up-to-date method of setting now speaking of battery. You get an amazing 20-hour battery life on this speaker, which is up there with the best battery life.

We’ve seen on a portable speaker, it also boasts a quick charge feature to charge it for 20 minutes, and this will give you five hours of battery life, or a three-hour charge will give it full battery.