Office Chair Labor Day Sale, Save on Ergonomic Office Chair

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Office Chair Labor Day Sale

I’ve sat in a lot of office chairs. Some of them I’ve used personally at home, from budget ones to premium, and then others I’ve used at work or showrooms. And after all that testing, I do think personally some chairs are better than others. Keeping in mind, I’m on the smaller side at 5’7 at 140lbs, and I use my office chairs for both task work on the computer and relaxing to a movie or a game.

Office Chair Labor Day Sale

Office Chairs

I also like to cross my legs once in a while, and I’ll slouch and shift in chairs over a long day, and generally don’t use armrests, opting to fully tuck in my chair, reaching for my keyboard and mouse. So given all that, what chairs do I prefer? I think this is a jack of all trades when it comes to office chairs. Checkout Gaming Chair Labor Day Sale.


It’s ergonomic with many adjustments to fit a range of people, and it’s comfortable for lounging around, especially with the headrest option. But it’s not perfect with the seat cushion being a little too firm for some, the headrest is overpriced, and there’s room for improvements to the lumbar and back support. But maybe I’ll cover that in a future video.

IKEA Markus

Going way back in time, The IKEA Markus was my first real office chair purchase. And I still think it’s a decent budget option. It’s solidly built with a long warranty.

labor day office chair deals

Its seat and back are comfy and have a built-in headrest which made it extremely comfortable for lounging. My main complaints are the lack of adjustments that meant the seat pan depth was too long for my legs, and the armrests suck.

Staples Hyken

C-Tier Another budget option that I checked out early on was the Staples Hyken. I only really tested this chair in stores, but it was pretty immediate to me that it wasn’t the chair for me.

The mesh design was too firm for me, the build quality felt cheap, and the headrest would stab my shoulders. But despite that, it was and still is one of the cheapest office chairs you can buy today. So it might work as a budget solution for some.

On the other side of the spectrum. The Herman Miller Embody is one of the most expensive chairs I’ve tried but is also one of my favorites.


That flexible pixel structure is truly in a league of its own for upper back support and its unique design. Still, unfortunately, it’s plagued by those clunky armrests, that aggressive lumbar support, and a headrest would be nice for lounging. A-tier Along the same lines, I’ll quickly mention the Logitech version of the embody.

Kinn Chair

I think it was a missed opportunity for them to add a headrest here for console gamers. And the price ended up being more expensive than if I bought the original instead, so I probably should have just gotten that in hindsight.

They had sent this to me to test a couple of years ago when it first came out, and initially, I was excited to try it since it looked like a budget version of the Embody. But I quickly realized it wasn’t the chair for me.

It is between the uncomfortably firm and bumpy seat, lack of any real lumbar support, and how expensive it’s gotten with the rebrand.