Ninja Foodi Labor Day Sale, Save on Ninja Grills & Air Flyer

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In this article, I am going to discuss Ninja Foodi labor day sales. Now Save big on Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill & Air Flyer latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Ninja Foodi Labor Day Sale

Many questions are being asked about the differences between the original ninja foodie indoor grill and the newer model, a ninja foodie. Still, it is the xl with intelligent technology, which was exciting and intriguing.

Ninja Foodi Labor Day Sale

So I’m going to show you how innovative technology works and go over the differences. We’re going to see which one can hold more pork chops, and we’re going to grill up some gobasa welcome to the salted pepper.

Real Life Food

We cook for real life using real food, and we keep it real simple. We will go over the differences between the two models of the ninja foodie indoor grill. This is the original ninja foodie indoor grill without the probe. A third model has a probe, but I did not purchase that one, so this one does not have the internal probe. However, you can use an external meat thermometer, the probing kind in this outstanding, and then the newer model, the xl with intelligent technology.

Indoor Grill

Without the pro and guess what, I didn’t have any of those issues; the original indoor grill model did not. So no smoking issues, and we did find ourselves using it but not quite as much as we would have liked to use it. I think we always seem to go back to the ninja foodie pressure cooker, but now it works great it works perfectly. I wanted to find out about innovative technology.

Ninja Foodi Labor Day Deals


I am not a preset kind of person. To read up about intelligent technology. I’m going to show it to you in action and go over the features of what it does, so that was pretty cool, but the main difference between the two units is the measurements, and that’s what everybody wants to know which one is the better one is better well.

It has a new design which I think is very attractive, so I like the overall looks of this one better than the original, but the main difference is in-depth. Well, eight will fit; it’s a little tight, but I mean eight will fit here a little tight, a little tighter than I would ordinarily do, but you know what it fits okay so eight pork chops fit perfectly.

Smart Technology

The smart technology on the new ninja foodie indoor xl grill is the thermometer, the probe thermometer that comes with the foodie. It comes with all of them, so it’s an option on the original ninja foodie, it comes with all of the models here because of that smart technology, so this probe is integrated. It’s a nice little area back here where it just magnetized. It kind of clicks in there, and then you remove it by unwrapping the coil and then lift and pull straight out, and your probe comes out.