Instant Pot Labor Day Sale, Save on Instant Pot 2022

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In this article, I am going to discuss Instant Pot labor day sales. Now Save big on Instant Pot 3 quart, 4 quart, 5 quart, 6 quart, 8 qt, 10 quart, and 12 quart latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Whether you are brand new at the instant pot or using it for a while, it’s always fun to have recipes that you can use your instant popcorn. I’m going to get down to the basics talking about using the instant pot to use the Lexx and how to use the duo, and then down to it how to make the instant pot work.

Instant Pot Labor Day Sale

I could explain to you with my words how to make it work, but I’ve decided it’s a whole lot easier to show you just how to do it while cooking something. I’m going to be cooking some vegetables today and go very slowly step by step. This is what you need to do, so hopefully, you’ll understand a little bit better.

Instant Pot Labor Day Sale

So I have two instant pots here this one is the seven and one duos you can see that it has a pressure cook button now, don’t be fooled by this is just a magnet. Let me show you real quick.

It’s just a magnet, but I thought it was fun to decorate one of my instant pots, so it’s a little easier to tell them apart. This one is the six and one luxe. You can see that I have the manual button, so this one is the older version. This one is the newer version. I’m going to be primarily working on the duo because I’m guessing the majority of you’ve got the duo for prime de or Black Friday.

It is their top seller, all right, so this is what the top of your instant pot looks like now when cooking anything you want to make sure that your lid is on nice and snug. I’m going to open this up real quick; inside, you have a sealing ring; you want to make sure that this is around that little metal bar. If it’s pulled up or not on, so you see how that’s like that, it won’t seal, and it won’t pressurize. So I always check my seal. Put that on; quickly check your seal, make sure that it’s on nice and snug so that it will cook perfectly.

Instant Pot Labor Day Deals

You can see I missed a spot. There we go, we are nice and snug the ring, so our seething green good to go. The other important thing is to make sure that your inner pot is in your instant pot. I usually use a cup to half a cup of liquid, and usually, you’re good to go. Now it’s time to put the lid on when your lid is on you.

Labor Day Sale