Google Nest Labor Day Sale, Save on Home WiFi System

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Google Nest Labor Day Sale

The Nest Wi-Fi is a follow-up product to the successful Google Wi-Fi mesh router system released a few years back. The main value prop of the Nest Wi-Fi is that it’ll give you better Wi-Fi coverage in your home versus the setup that most people still seem to have, which is just one router at one point in their home.

Google Nest Labor Day Sale

Using its mesh network, set up the nest Wi-Fi system can expand to meet the needs of your home. There are some things that I don’t like about the Nest Wi-Fi system, and I’ll get into those a little bit later on in the article but for now, let’s dive into the main components of the Nest Wi-Fi system.

Nest Loaction

In our review of the Google Wi-Fi router, we had several comments from people asking if they still needed to pay for internet service when buying one of these router systems. You will still need to pay an Internet service provider, otherwise known as an ISP, money for your internet service to use the Nest Wi-Fi system.

Now here in the US, Google has internet service in select locations called Google Fiber, so that could be why some people were originally confused with the Google Wi-Fi product on whether or not they needed an ISP.

WiFi & Modem

I also think it’s important to point out that you also need a working modem with your nest Wi-Fi. The nest Wi-Fi does not include a modem. Typically, there are three parts in any Internet system: the service coming into your home from the ISP.

Google Nest Labor Day

This modem acts as a translator between your devices and your ISP’s network, and then finally, a Wi-Fi router that enables your devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. You can either take the modem provided to you by your ISP or go out and buy your modem that’s certified to run on your ISP’s network.


Now let’s talk about what makes the nest Wi-Fi system so different from your typical Wi-Fi router setup, and that is that it is a mesh Wi-Fi router setup. A mesh network allows you to add more points to the network to expand your Wi-Fi coverage to make sure that you get a good Wi-Fi signal in your residence.

One Nest Wi-Fi router will give you up to 2200 square feet of coverage, a setup with a Nest Wi-Fi router and a point will give you up to 3,800 square feet, and a router and two points will cover up to 5,400 square feet.

Now you may be wondering what the difference is between a Nest Wi-Fi point and the Nest Wi-Fi router. The router is designed to be plugged into the modem and is the central part of the Wi-Fi system.

Voice Assistance

It also includes an extra Ethernet port so you can hardwire devices into it. The points are smaller routers with less powerful antennas that you place throughout your home to help blanket your home with good Wi-Fi coverage. The points have another purpose; they can act as Google Assistant speakers.

You use the top of the Wi-Fi point to control the Google Assistant. It’s very similar to the controls found on the Nest Mini, and the sound is great on the nest Wi-Fi point. It sounds better than a Nest Mini, has more bass, and overall I think it’s pretty comparable to the Google Home speaker but with a clearer sound in my experience.

Instead of lights at the top like you have with the nest mini, there is a cool ring light at the bottom that will glow different colors for different assistant tasks like phone calls, mute, etc.