Garmin InReach Mini Labor Day Sale 2022

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Today we’re going to do a review of the Garmin Inreach mini and prove the adage good things come in small packages. If you want peace of mind in potentially disastrous situations, the inReach Mini is for you! It’s a lightweight, compact, global satellite communicator with GPS, designed for adventures where size and weight matter and when you’re away from cell phone coverage.

Garmin InReach Mini Labor Day Sale

Satellite Communication

The Garmin inreach mini is the fact that it is a satellite communication device running off the iridium network which means you can use the reach to communicate two satellites in space back to earth.

Small & Lightweight

The second feature about the inreach mini is that it is the mini it is the smallest of the Garmin inreach family, so it’s smaller than the Garmin explorer and smaller than the Garmin i-66 and to give you a reference of scale. The Garmin inreach mini-plays well with others but not squirrels.

Garmin InReach Mini Labor Day Sale


If you have other devices, a Garmin overlander cell phone or a tablet, you can sync these devices with the inreach mini through Bluetooth. The inreach mini acts as the GPS location and the data connection, allowing you access to things like text messaging and weather.


Although the Garmin inreach mini is small, it mighty comes in a friendly rubberized rugged housing and is waterproof up to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Emergency Call

The inreach mini allows you to press this button and send an emergency signal to an underground bunker somewhere in a mountain, and that will send help.

Hence, if you broke your leg, you lost, ran out of gas, got attacked by a sizeable ravenous rodent, I don’t think they exist; you’ve got help press and held this button squirrel team six would get dispatched to come to your rescue.

Should the squirrel team be unavailable? Inreach will coordinate with local law enforcement and search and rescue to come to find you.

garmin inreach mini labor day deals

Final Through

The final thing that we need to mention is that features like the sos and data transmission through the iridium network are subscription-based.

So you can pay monthly or annually or pay as you go month by month just for the months that you need it, but when the subscription is off, it still functions as a GPS device for the location.

You won’t have access to sos or data, so this has been another biased gear review of blue ridge overlaying gear. You might be wondering what makes this review biased.

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