Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Labor Day Sale 2022

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Fitbit Versa Labor Day Sale

Fitbit had something to prove when it launched its first true SmartWatch last year. So it’s no surprise the ioniq is stuffed full of features. It not only tracks a comprehensive range of fitness metrics and provides on-screen workout tutorials but also stores your music streams to Bluetooth headphones, runs third-party apps, and makes contactless payments.

Fitbit Versa Labor Day Sale

Blood Oxygen Sensor

It even has a blood oxygen sensor that’s currently turned off and useless it’s also not a surprise then that the ionic wasn’t cheap.

It might put off fitness novices looking for a simpler device. The ionic also didn’t look like a regular watch, thanks to its hexagonal design that screams. Fitbit, the company, addresses all that with its second SmartWatch for the Versa for starters.


With a simplified operating system that reduces the swipes you need to see your daily info, most importantly, the Versa is the most attractive Fitbit. It looks a lot like a slightly wider Apple watch square face and all but compared to the past awkwardly geometric fit bits.


The Versa has a design that blends in nicely. People have gotten used to how an Apple watch looks, so the resemblance to that is an asset. If you get the rose gold case and the right accessories, you may find a fit bit prettier than the Apple watch aesthetics aside from much of the hardware. Checkout Fitbit Versa 2 Labor Day Sale.

The Versa has the same heart rate sensor and the water resistance rating as the ionic making it a great device for tracking your swims. It even has the same inactive blood oxygen sensor on board.

Fitbit Versa Labor Day Deals

The Versa doesn’t have GPS built-in. You have to use your phone’s GPS if you want to track your running route. Also, in the US, the basic version of the Versa is missing NFC for Fitbit pay.

Fitbit Ioniq vs. Fitbit Versa

The watches exercise app one of the main differences between the Versa, and the ioniq is the updated operating system. The Versa will ship with Fitbit OS 2.0, which the ioniq will get later this year. The new software places a dashboard under the home screen.

So you can see your day’s stats by just swiping up to do that on the ioniq. You have to swipe to the left to pull up your apps and then launch the today app os 2.0. It just reduces the steps to one notification also got an overhaul. You can swipe down from the home screen or long-press the top right fiscal button.

Battery Life

I can’t tell yet if it lives up to Fitbit’s battery life claims of 4 plus days, but so far, I’ve used the watch for at least two workouts and with an average stream of notifications and a few rounds of 2048. It’s only gone down to 60% that means it’ll potentially last up to 5 days ultimately.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Labor Day

Final Througth

Fitbit that finally looks more like a SmartWatch than a fitness tracker with female health tracking in May the versa could be even more helpful to women. It also sucks that GPS isn’t built-in and NFC is missing, but those are trade-offs for a lower price that’s going to help Fitbit reach a bigger audience than it did before

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