Fitbit Blaze Labor Day Sale 2022

In this article, I am going to discuss Fitbit Blaze labor day sales. Now Save big on Fitbit Blaze Activity & Fitness Trackers latest deals, sales, and discounts.

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Fitbit Blaze Labor Day Sales

For the past few years, Fitbit has dominated this tracker market that’s not hard to understand why their products are super simple. You just put them on your wrist where I’m all day, and they tell you if we’re moving or if you’re lazy with the new Fitbit Blaze that it’s trying something a bit more stylish, more sophisticated. Maybe a more smart question is how does it work just like other Fitbit’s?

Fitbit Blaze Labor Day Sale

Steps Counter

The blaze will track your daily activity counts your steps, your heart rate while you’re sleeping, and put all that data into Fitbit SAP on your phone where you can compete with your friends. This one adds a few new tricks.

There’s a nice color screen, and the watch tells you how to do specific exercises, and it will track your workouts automatically. Still, above all else, Fitbit is pushing in the style and fashion with blaze because you can swap bands between Silicon weather and a pricier steel option.

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The steel frame around the blaze is kind of huge, even on my wrists. Blaze’s screen is the nicest one fit that’s ever made. It’s bright, even in sunlight, colorful very easy to read. You can pick between a few watch faces, although not a big fan of any of them.

They aren’t terrible, and some change colors based on your heart rate. Swiping over one brings you to today’s screen, and that’s where all your key stats are your steps, heart rate, distance walked calories.

Fitness Tracking

Floors climbed, sleepover again, and come to the exercise mood blaze supports tracking for all the basics running, walking, biking, and even weights. It automatically logs a workout if you’ve been more active than usual for at least 15 minutes.

fitbit blaze labor day

There’s no GPS built-in, so you’ve got to carry your phone with you. You’re going to run outside and want to track your pretty disappointing route.’

Fitz Tower

Fitz tower features the blaze that shows you how to do specific workouts by showing you people like animations on the screen. It’s functional, but the fire doesn’t give you any feedback on whether you’re doing things right, something the Microsoft band is good at even so as a daily fitness tracker.

Labor Day Sale