Dyson V8 Animal Labor Day Sale 2022

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Dyson V8 Animal


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Dyson V8 Animal Labor Day Sale 2022

Today we have the Dyson v8 animal, and we put it through a lot of tests over the last week and found that there were many reasons to like the v8 even over some of the more expensive models. I should also mention that I have reviewed the v8 absolute in the past, which is the same essential vacuum, but with a soft roller head included, so this review should work for both v8 versions. We tested suction and airflow at various places on the vacuum and in both its low and high power modes, and it’s still more powerful than almost every cordless stick vacuum.

Dyson V8 Animal Labor Day Sale


I’ve personally tested it, and it has just a bit more power than the v7, which we tested last week when you combine that power with its newer floor head design, which is slightly better for hard floors than the v7 was better with things like the aperture. Also check Dyson V11 Labor Day Sale.

Power Suction

The v7 on both low and high power modes like the v7 a major pro with the v8 is its carpet cleaning ability. I prefer these older Dyson’s like the v7 and v8 over the newer models when it comes to carpets because they have a smoother pickup with the debris of all types and sizes, and they don’t seem to have any issues with clogging even with larger size debris.

Dyson V8 Animal Labor Day Deals

HEPA Filtration

The newer style Dyson’s have heads that try to be equally good for hard floors and carpets and accomplish that to a large degree. They do lose a little bit when it comes to carpet cleaning. Another pro on the v8 is its filtration. This is a significant upgrade from last week, where we saw that the base model of the v7 Motorhead was not a sealed HEPA system and while there are some v7 models with a HEPA filter. Both the v8 models are sealed HEPA systems, so you won’t be breathing in what you are trying to vacuum up.

Battery Life

The v8 absolute comes with the mini motorized brush, which is great for upholstery stairs or cars, and it’s right up there as one of my favorite tools from a cordless manufacturer. The battery life was really good better than the v7 numbers by a few percentage points and considering that there was also an increase in power from the v7 to the v8. We’ve seen it makes this increase in battery life on the v8 look that much better. The dyson v8 was also slightly better with hair tangles than the v7.

Dyson V8 Animal Labor Day

Final Words

Dyson our well-built and some of the best cordless vacuums out there, but they are a bit costly at the end of the day. Though there isn’t a lot to pick on with a v8 animal or the absolute, I prefer their handling and weight over the more expensive Dyson’s, even though. They typically don’t have as much power or battery life as the more expensive ones, but if you have a smaller house or an apartment, I think these v8 are great.

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