Dyson v11 Labor Day Sale, Save on Dyson Vacuums Cleaners

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Best Dyson v11 Labor Day Sale 2022

You probably know we use the Dyson v11 to take care of this house, but we live in a larger home, and Dyson just came out with a new vacuum called the Dyson v11 outside. It’s the v11 & it’s a stick vacuum, but it’s bigger and made for bigger homes. So in this article, we’re going to take it out. We’re going to look at it and understand why it is so suitable for a larger home.

Dyson v11 Labor Day Sale

Docking Station & Charger

I will tell you that I have omitted the docking station and the charger that came with the Dyson v11 absolute, but the Dyson v11 outsize comes with two chargers and one docking station. One of the chargers I didn’t include as well as the docking station. I left it out, but I’ve included the second charger because the v11 outsize comes with an extra battery, that’s right. It’s got a swappable battery which is super exciting.

If you look at the suite of tools, you’ll see many similarities; we’ve got the motorized mini head. If you’ve got any of those challenging areas that you need to clean and need some extra leverage, you’ve got it, but the thing you want to draw your attention to is just the sheer size difference.

Bin Basket

When you look at the bin size alone, this spin is a hundred and fifty percent larger than the capacity of this bin, and then when you look at the two heads. You’ve got this 25 larger than this, which means this is designed to cover larger spaces and be more efficient, so so many people think about getting a stick vacuum.

Dyson v11 Labor Day Deals

They’re like, I’d love the concept, but I just don’t think it would suit my house. Why would I go and get a stick vacuum? When I still need a full-sized one, they tried to solve the problem when they came out with the v11 outside. They wanted to create something that gave you all of the functionality and the flexibility of a stick vacuum. They just wanted it to be bigger. You could clean your whole house in an efficient manner using the stick system.


This tool works on both hard floor surfaces and carpets, but I want you to pay attention to how many strokes I’m doing to cover the same floor in my head? I was using the song staying alive to keep me on track, and I was using the w pattern, and you’ll see I have to do a lot less work to cover the same amount of floor space. So after counting the strokes, we found that it was indeed 25 percent less work using the v11 outside than the v11 absolute.

Dyson v11 Labor Day

Final Thoughts

If you are in a bigger home, fully detached, three-four bedrooms, some more square footage, and you have a corded vacuum. You have a canister; you like the functionality, but you’re digging the concept of a stick; it just hasn’t quite. I think the v11 outsize has solved all of those problems with the giant head. The larger bin capacity and the swappable battery, so if you’ve been on the fence about getting yourself a stick vacuum because you’ve been worried about those things.

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