Dyson V10 Labor Day Sale 2022

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Dyson V10 Labor Day Sale 2022

That might be the most powerful cordless vacuum on earth. It’s like a bazooka. I got my Dyson Cyclone V10 a year ago, and it’s been a real whirlwind of an experience. The company billed this gadget as a cordless vac that was as powerful as its hardwired equivalent. And after using it for 12 months I can say one thing: It’s powerful! more powerful than other cordless vacuum I’ve ever used.

Dyson V10 Labor Day Sale

But, all that power comes at a cost. For starters, I don’t always want that ultra power. At full blast, the Cyclone V10 absolutely loves to eat my rugs. And the battery life at that setting is an abysmal eight minutes, which might be enough to clean a small apartment but not a suburban living room.

Battery Life

You can get better battery life and less rug-eating at a lower setting, which is where I usually keep the V10 these days. The shape of the Cyclone V10 also means it’s not quite as versatile as earlier Dysons. Just look at how, kind of, big, awkward, and bulky it is. And I’m not convinced that the redesign solves all the problems that have plagued other cordless vacuums, which are kind of tough to clean. Sure it’s easier to get the dirt out of the super long tank.


But over time, the little latch that keeps the tank from popping off when you empty it gets clogged. Which means you’ll probably start throwing the whole tank in the trash by accident. This air filter need cleaning. But you’ll never know when, because you can’t actually see inside. And when you do clean it, if you reinstall it too soon the moisture can destroy the vacuum’s motor for good.

Dyson V10 Labor Day Deals

I did… No, I cleaned it… It’s crazy because like it has like a little faucet here. So like, clearly you’re supposed to water on it. And there’s like… inside, like a picture of pouring water into the thing. But if you don’t let it dry for three days and you put it back on, it can break the whole vacuum for good. But they got the help number on the side. So when it breaks at least you know who to call. So that might not be a big complaint if you read the instructions. And the power thing might be something that you really want. Get a Dyson V8 Labor Day Sale.


Like, you want maximum power to clean all the crap out of your couch. And you can probably do that in eight minutes. At the lowest power setting the Cyclone V10 is supposed to last for an hour, and that’s probably¬†enough for most people. Now, a lot of my complaints were actually addressed with Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum.

Dyson V10 Labor Day

Try that again. The V11. It has an automatic power sensor that can detect what you’re vacuuming and adjust the strength of the suction based on the surface. And there’s a handy little new battery meter to help you pay attention to how much juice you’re using. And the air filter is transparent so you know when it’s getting dirty.

Final Through

If you have an older Dyson and you want to upgrade or any cordless vacuum and you need more power, both the V10 and the V11 are great choices. This one is a little cheaper since it’s older. But, the newer one, the V11 does solve a lot of problems that annoyed me about the V10. And isn’t solving problems what vacuums are supposed to do?

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