Dash Cam Labor Day Sale, Get a Cam for Cars, SUVs & Tracks

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In this article, I am going to discuss Dash Cam labor day sales. Now Save big on Apeman, Rove, Garmin, Pruveeo, Kingslim, Byakov, & Blackvue Dash Cam latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Dash Cam Labor Day Sale

We saw many new dash cams hit the market when it comes to dashcams, each proving to us that dash cams are no longer just devices for recording the traffic ahead this year. We saw many new smart, versatile devices that showed us that dash cams are something that every driver should have in their car.

Dash Cam Labor Day Sale

Cloud based

You know the cloud isn’t necessarily a new thing when it comes to dash cams. Back in 2016, blackvue introduced the world’s first cloud-ready dashcam with the dr-650s, and not long after that thinkware encountered it. With the thinkware f-800 pro, a couple of the benefits of being cloud-ready is instant impact notifications and cloud storage.

A cloud-connected dashcam will send you a push notification right to your smartphone if someone backs into your car. The incident clip will also be auto uploaded and saved on the cloud. If the dashcam is damaged and you still have a copy of it on the cloud but up until this year to use the cloud features.


The dashcam needed to have access to a wireless internet connection which means you needed a mobile hotspot device in your vehicle. Now wouldn’t it be great if that cloud connectivity is built into the dashcam itself, so all you had to do was insert a sim card? While blackvue did way more than just put an antenna inside, they also made some changes to the casing to address.

Dash Cam Labor Day Deals

Built-in 4G

Some users have voiced the overheating concerns that it’s not 4k, but you still get the excellent video that is crisp and clear thanks to the full HD at 60 frames per second. Not only does the dr752chlt offer.

The standard direct wi-fi connection options like the dr750s, but it’s also going to give you native blackvue over-the-cloud functionality via the built-in 4g LTE module. Just add your sim card; we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our customers.

They’ve experienced flawless operations on the at t and t-mobile networks in the US and if you’re in Canada. it’s even compatible with sim cards from Telus bell, and the rogers network mvnos on those networks work to learn more about the blackvue dr752ch LTE well.

Labor Day Sale