Cricut Explore Air 2 Labor Day Sale, Save on Cricut Maker

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Cricut Explore Air 2 Labor Day Sale

Today I’m going to be showing you all about the basics of the Cricut explore air – that’s why I’m assuming you were here. So let’s go ahead and get started, so this is what comes in the box; when you buy it from the store, it will be packaged better, but I have been using this for about six months. This is what comes in it; first off is the mat, so this is the map that you will be cutting all your projects on.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Labor Day Sale


It just looks like this. It’s the one that comes with it to go ahead and take the machine out of the packaging. You take the cap off; you flip the little lever that says you push up while pushing the pen down close it, and that is how you do it so as you can see. The pen is ready to write this is just another little storage container that holds your blades and whatever else you want to store in there.


These are the tools that I purchased separately for my Cricut, and I honestly use almost all of them every time I make something. It is definitely worth the money to spend on these tools. This is just another overview of what the machine looks like. There are all the blade ports where you load your mat. There are all the dials.

cricut maker labor day sale

All your settings depending on what you’re trying to make, is the power button again. These are the dials for all the different materials. I will show you in a little bit how to plug them in and where they go, but these are just the basic chords.


On the back are two minor ports. This one right here goes on the back, and you plug it in with the Cricut logo facing down. I was having difficulties. This one is just the circular one and goes in the other spot. This is the other side, and you plug this right into your computer just like this, and then you’re ready to go. You have to download the Cricut app to use it, but this is just what it looks like.


I will have more of those coming very soon, so you wait for your machine to connect, and then once it connects, as I said. I usually use the custom because I make glitter vinyl a lot. You’ll scroll down until you can find glitter vinyl or whatever vinyl you’re using. I found it right there, and then you press done.

All the settings will come up like the default setting, and once you’re done, you press the little circle on your machine that has the CIE logo, like I said, the Go button, and that’s how it starts printing.

Labor Day Sale