Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Labor Day Sale 2022

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In this article, I am going to discuss Bissell Crosswave labor day sales. Now Save big on Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Wet/Dry Hard Floors or Area Rugs Vacuum Cleaner latest deals, sales, and discounts.
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Bissell Crosswave Labor Day Sale 2022

Bissell crosswave is a versatile wet/dry vacuum mop that allows you to both vacuum and mop simultaneously. How well does it do? We’re going to find out today we tested the cross up as a mop on the tile floor, spreading three different debris types across the floor, and attempted to mop them up throughout three passes.

Bissell Crosswave Labor Day Sale

Hardfloor Vaccums Cleaners

We also tested the Bissell cross wave as a vacuum on an engineered hardwood floor. It’s important to use the vacuum mode either on the cross wave or another stand-alone vacuum first to remove large chunks of debris, dirt and other things on the carpet’s surface. Also check Dyson V10 Labor Day Deals.


We failed to do so during our tests, and as you can see on one side of our carpet, the mud and dirt were further embedded into the carpet, making a bigger mess. On the second side, we vacuumed first and then did the wet wash clean, which was able to then remove the finer debris without further embedding the mud and dirt deeper into the carpets.


The Bissell cross wave operates as both a mop and a vacuum. When used as a vacuum, the brush roll spins, sweeping dirt and debris into the suction path of the unit from the suction power of the cross flip lifts the dirt and debris into the dustbin. When uses a mop, and the brush roll spins, then the user squeezes the trigger to dispense the cleaning solution onto the brush roll, which mops the floor at the same time.

bissell crosswave pet pro labor day sale

Bissell Pet Pro vs. Bissell Crosswave

Bissell also produces a version of the cross wave called the cross wave pet Pro specifically designed for pets and pet hair. The two significant differences are the tangle-free pet brush roll and the specially designed pet cleaning solution.

When you first use the cross wave, you’ll see two cleaning modes on the handle buttons hard floor and area rug. These modes can be used to vacuum or mop your floors. Use the cross as a vacuum, plug it in and choose the floor type to use as a mop.

The only additional steps are to fill the tank with water and cleaning solution, then powered on and held the trigger to be prime the solution as far as manoeuvrability the Bissell Crosswave.

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