Apple Watch Series Labor Day Sale 2022

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In this article, I am going to discuss Apple Watch Series labor day sales. Now Save big on Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple Watch Series 6 latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Apple Watch Series Labor Day Sale 2022

Apple watch series 3 with cellular takes a significant step forward in making Apple’s wrist-worn device. Its own independent connected computing platform put it’s a must-have for athletes in the Apple ecosystem and a wearable device worth considering for many other non Fitness use cases. Also check Samsung Galaxy Watch Labor day Sale.

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Since the Apple Watch debuted in 2015, it has been a tethered device dependent on a nearby iPhone for almost all use cases. However, with each iteration, Apple has increased the Independence of the Apple watch.

Streaming Music

You not only receive messages but respond to them either by scribbling or using your voice and starting next month. It will also offer streaming music offering outdoor runners and cyclists access to their entire music library right from their wrist to put the Apple Watch through its paces. I spent a Saturday in the park with it sans iPhone.

I ran three miles while listening to music on my air pods. I made a few phone calls, one via my air pods and one on the watch itself. The call recipient said the difference in quality was negligible, and both sounded great.


You can’t leave your iPhone behind all day while the Apple watch series 3 about 18 hours of battery life that only accounts for about an hour of LTE use. If you stream music and use GPS without your phone nearby, you’ll get sort of four hours of uptime. It’s for this reason that the Apple Watch Series three is still dependent on an iPhone.

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You can’t set up an Apple watch or back it up without an iPhone, and you certainly can’t pair it or sync it to other devices like an iPad and iPod touch or a Mac, the dirty little secret of the Apple watch. Since the first Hardware launched, the apps themselves were, to put it bluntly, almost worthless.


Until now, the Apple watches work best when used passively; the screen is too small. The Hardware has been too slow, and you’ve always had a more significant, more capable, and more powerful device on you right in your pocket.


Why would you spend your time texting from your watch? When you could pull out your iPhone, getting notifications on your wrist and fitness tracking were the platform’s strengths, and features like Apple pay and Syria were icing on the cake, making it a worthwhile investment.

It was about looking at your wrist, not interacting with it. Series three bringing LTE into the mix changes things. I’m not suggesting that some Apple launch app Renaissance is on the horizon, but I suspect that apps, mainly non fitness ones, will find some utility and use in our brave new iPhone-free world.

Final Words

The addition of LTE has nudged the Apple watch experience from passive to a slightly more active one, and that’s a good thing with the Apple Watch Series three with cellular Apple watch continues to find its footing one day, it’ll leave the nest for good. Still, for now, it’s only allowed out of the house for a few hours at a time.

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