Arlo Labor Day Sale, Save on Wireless Security Camera System

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In this article, I am going to discuss Arlo labor day sales. Now Save big on Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Home Security Camera System latest deals, sales, and discounts.

Arlo Labor Day Sale

Today we’re going to talk about the much-anticipated Arlo pro 4. it’s been a little bit confusing as to what the product is, how it will be used, and its features? So those that have already purchased and seen an existing Arlo product, it’s all going to be fairly familiar. We have our cameras and under our cameras instructions everything else.

Our Australian charger adapter mounts two magnetic mounts, two screw mounts which used to be called outdoor mounts, but they’re the same as our cables and our batteries for each of the cameras.

arlo labor day sale

Power & Charging

We’ve got our camera’s battery for each of the cameras we’ve got our Arlo power adapter for the Australian market. We’ve got our magnetic mounts, the magnetic mounts. If you haven’t used Arlo products before, nice and strong, you can sort of pivot them and move them around, not going to blow off in the wind strong enough to be outdoors.


You’d effectively get the same thing but with the base station, so you may those that have seen Arlo products before would recognize the base station as a central part of the product. The cameras normally connect to the base station connects to the internet. It’s your connection out of the house through the internet connection to your Arlo app.

So the big difference with the Pro 4 is that there is no base station, which leads us to the differences between the pro 3 the pro 4, and some of the other products.


It is still a 2k resolution 160-degree field of view. It still has the same sort of intended battery life, the same integrated spotlight, the same chargeable battery magnetic charging, pretty much the same device. The biggest difference is with the base station, or I should say without the base station. so while the product itself is effectively the same, the way you can use it and the way it connects into your home system is a major difference.

arlo pro 3 labor day sale

It might seem like not a lot to some people, but for many of the customers we’ve spoken to, it’s a real game-changer, traditionally your camera. The camera connects via your home wi-fi connection, not via the base station. It can connect via the base station which we’ll touch on later but the intended design is that you’ll connect it up to your home wi-fi system.

Final Through

We are still getting a lot of really good feedback about the pro cameras from those who have already purchased those waiting for the stock to come in, especially when it comes to the range and can use them in different environments. So our summary overall really good product when purchased for the right reasons. You could still use a pro 3 in a home environment where it’s a small home with a base station no problem, pro 4 will have its uses as well, or that can add it to an existing setup.